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Tai-World Launches Zero Clearance Hub

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Tai-World Launches Zero Clearance Hub
The new Oxtec hub. – Photo Oxtec

CHANGHUA CITY, Taiwan – Oxtec hubs, manufactured by Tai-World Mfg. come with an new developed inner structure. While Oxtec hubs are compatible with both mountain bikes and e-bikes they feature important advantages.

Main advantage of the Oxtec hub is the instant engagement once the rider starts to pedal. It creates immediate roller clutch engagement at the first power stroke and disengagement when pedaling stops. A second important feature is that the freehub comes with zero clearance resulting in a hundred percent pedal power output.

Extremely low rolling resistance

According to Tai-World the rolling resistance of the Oxtec hub is extremely low. The company claims that “the distance you can ride without pedalling is twice as most as with a traditional hub”. Finally, the hub operates without making any noise, even during and after roller clutch engagement.

German patent acquired

The patent for the inner structure of Oxtec hub is pending. It has been applied for in various countries including Taiwan, the UK, the USA, Germany, China and Japan. The patent names are “structure improvement of one-way revolving brake” and “one-way roller clutch”.

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