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Alligator & Gatorbrake Improve European Service

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Alligator & Gatorbrake Improve European Service

Alligator & Gatorbrake Improve European Service

Gatorbrake and Alligator have improved their service and distribution in Europe with the opening of a new 1,500 m² warehouse. The warehouse is located in Landsberg am Lech in the south of Germany. “This warehouse gives us the opportunity to assist our customers who do not or cannot do business directly with our company in Taiwan,” said Marko Brekelo, Europe Service Point Representative of Gatorbrake.

“In our new facility in Landsberg am Lech we have a large warehouse and we can give technical training here as well. In spring we have organized a local show here for all our customers who did not attend the Taipei Cycle Show. We have started the warehouse with our Alligator Cable program and next year we will also store the Gatorbrake product line.”

At Eurobike Gatorbrake presented the Duo, a new set with a boltless monoblock caliper and lever. The lever has a one-finger blade design and comes with an internal master cylinder. The caliper has two pistons and automatic pad wear adjustment. The after-market version of the lever has an adjustable ball bearing while the OEM version is not adjustable.

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