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Alchemy: Turning Cycling Into Gold

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ECF’s partners have just announced successful applications to bring € 4 million of EU funding to the Iron Curtain Trail and the TransDanube international cycle routes which can bring a €100 million boost to the economy.

Alchemy: Turning Cycling Into Gold
ECF Advocacy Summit at Eurobike 2012

EuroVelo routes are not only flagships for international cycle tourism, they provide a core cycling infrastructure which stimulates urban cycling and route networks in cities and towns.

Celebrating success
ECF (European Cyclist’s Federation) will use this example at the forthcoming Advocacy Summit at Eurobike to explain why its “€6 billion for cycling” initiative is a campaign to unite the whole of cycling. As well as celebrating the immediate success of recent applications the summit will demonstrate how funding for advocacy has the potential to multiply every euro contributed by the cycling industry into millions of euros in benefits to the cycling economy.

The success rate for these proposals was outstanding. ECF’s stated goal is that cycling should win at least 10% of all EU funded transport initiatives. In this case the successful bids were over 5% of the whole funding round, which was for much more than just transport. There were only 37 successful bids from nearly 350 applications.

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