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Basel Bike Show ‘Twoo’ Stopped

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BASEL, Switzerland – The Basel bike show Twoo has been stopped after five years due to insufficient support from the industry and too low visitor numbers. Also, the show organization lacked experience within the bike sector to establish a coherent concept for Twoo.

Basel Bike Show ‘Twoo’ Stopped
Basel Bike Show Twoo

At the launch in 2008 everybody was still full of confidence. At the Eurobike the Twoo was presented as the new “National Swiss Bike Fair for customers with international market approach.”

End of ‘2-Rad’ in Zurich
All the conditions seemed to fit. In 2008, five years after the end of the ‘2-Rad’ in Zurich, a substantial part of the industry was ready to go for an indoor exhibition again, especially since the new open air event BikeDays lodged a break that year. As Basel the Swiss bicycle city par excellence was selected, the connection to the most important Swiss public exhibition Muba should ensure a large visitor flow.

Successful premiere
The Messe Schweiz AG was able to look back on experience with ‘2-Rad’ within the bike industry. The project manager, former Cannondale man Frank Malter was involved as industry insider. The premiere of the Twoo was pretty successful with 50 exhibitors and 25,000 visitors.

Industry reference
After the first Twoo industry insider Malter was no longer involved in the show. The next two editions were organized by members of the Messe Schweiz without any industry reference. Immediately this resulted in negative consequences of the show’s quality.

Therefore the fourth edition was handed over to the event organizers Fairmeetings who launched Twoo 2011 on their own account with a revised concept. However the hopes of a long-term success dropped with this year’s event. Because the number of visitors was less than on previous editions a dispute arose about the concept and costs between participants and Fairmeetings.

Trial and error
For five years, the Twoo has been operating on a “trial and error” basis, but without learning from mistakes. From the start it lacked a real profile. The exhibition claimed to be a comprehensive national industry platform – but it was never more than a mere regional sales event.

Exhibitors were also confronted with high costs: square meter prices like at Eurobike are utopian. And finally the formal shortcomings: in the first crucial years the Twoo was held in unattractive halls that resembled the old IFMA.

This was followed by scheduling inconsistency. The show was shifted to April this year, for next year February was regarded as the most ideal date and for 2014 Twoo was planned for May.

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