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The Advocacy Summit at Eurobike: ‘Advocacy Means Sales

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What unites global companies like Accell, SRAM and Schwalbe with the biggest cycling infrastructure businesses, the cycling media and advocates at COLIBI, WFSGI and ECF? The Advocacy Summit at Eurobike which will take place for the first time.

The Advocacy Summit at Eurobike: ‘Advocacy Means Sales
European Cyclists' Federation

ECF’s growing Cycling Industry Club is inviting business leaders to find out why “Advocacy means sales”. The summit will explain how trade and civil lobbying unite to get political support and cash injections that will give cycling a real growth spurt, not least the potential to get €6 billion of EU funds spent on cycling of all kinds in the next five years.

The results can be seen in sales – the countries and cities leading growth in bike sales have all released major investments because of successful lobbying strategies. Following Amsterdam spectacular growth is coming from cities such as Seville, London, Brussels and Vienna, doubling cycling in short timescales.

If every country in Europe were to reach the sales per head of population of Denmark the industry would ship 30 million more bikes. German advocacy organisation ADFC already expects the German Government to announce its second national cycling plan with big increases in cycle use and ECF has just announced two big new funding wins from the EU – so it works.

Kevin Mayne, Development Director of ECF explains, “The social and economic case for cycling is beyond doubt. The industry has shown new products are ready and proven, for example pedelecs and public bike sharing. Advocacy is how we release the benefits to society and our industry from these infrastructures, incentives and tax schemes. Only governments can release this capital, advocacy can have a bigger impact than the marketing and R&D budgets of the whole bike industry combined, but we have to act now.”

The Advocacy Summit
Eurobike – Berlin Room
16.30 – 18.00
30th August 2012
Drinks and buffet

Open to all but notification of attendance is encouraged for catering. Click here for notification of attendance.

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