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ANCMA’s Show Experiment EICA Starts OK in Verona

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VERONA, Italy – Visitors were lining-up at the entrances on the first EICA show day in Verona last Saturday September 15. During the whole show weekend attendance wasn’t disappointing. But whether the experiment of Italy’s industry association ANCMA to organize a new bike show in Verona, just one week before the well established Expobici show in Padua (only 90 kilometers away from Verona), was a success remains the question.

ANCMA’s Show Experiment EICA Starts OK in Verona
During the whole EICA show attendance wasn’t disappointing. But whether the new show of Italy’s industry association ANCMA can take on the competition from Expobici remains the question.

The ‘Esposizione Internazionale de Ciclo’ used to be part of the much bigger motorcycle show EICMA which is also organized by ANCMA. As the bicycles got plowed under all the attention for the scooters and motorcycles, exhibitors for this section of the EICMA show pulled out. It left a void which was filled by Expobici five years ago. Now ANCMA is back with a bicycle show. And with not just another bike show; but with one that offers some interesting new features.

Reinvested proceeds
Maybe the most outstanding of the EICA features is what show organizer ANCMA pledged: the show proceeds will be reinvested in the sector and not – like with a private show organizer – turned into a profit for shareholders. A statement which is of course directed to Padova Fiera; the ‘private’ organizer of Expobici.

‘Innovative formula’
ANCMA speaks of an ‘innovative formula’ for EICA, which to some extent is correct as it turns it from a show into an Event. The EICA formula intends to offer a complete perception on bicycles and all that goes with it. Even with bicycle heroes. Like with Mario Cipollini. Still enormously popular in Italy, much was created around him at EICA.

Indoor Village
A sizable element of the EICA format is also the opportunity for all visitors to make test rides on the new bikes presented at the show. Compared to the Demo Days of Eurobike, Interbike and other shows, EICA presented this as an integral and vital part of the show formula. It had created an indoor ‘Village’ with tents and trucks from exhibitors connected to two test tracks. During the first day of the show (Saturday) over 1,000 visitors made a test ride.

Well known names
EICA 2012 had some 60 exhibitors. Among them not only renowned Italians brand names like Bianchi, De Rosa, Olmo Pinarello or Atala, but also well known names from abroad as Giant, Trek and Focus. From the components sector other leading ‘Italians’ were there with Campagnolo as their main representative alongside Dedacciai, Shimano Italia, Columbus and Ambrosio.

Real success
When they all will be back for the 71st EICA show in Verona and when there will be much more companies joining, then the ‘Esposizione Internazionale de Ciclo’ in Verona can be called a real success and that ANCMA’s experiment passed its test.

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