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Dealers’ Interest Drops for Dutch Trade Show

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AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands – Snowy weather conditions and a bad timing made 28% less retailers decide to travel to the annual Ducth FietsVak show. At this trade show the Trek TM500 + was proclaimed e-bike of the Year and the Batavus San Remo as Bike of the Year.

Dealers’ Interest Drops for Dutch Trade Show
Trek Benelux MD Petra De Fluiter with the Trek TM500+; e-bike of the Year in Holland.

The opinions about the show were very dissimilar. A group of exhibitors were enthusiastic about the quality of the visitors, while others indicated that the location Amsterdam RAI is very expensive related to the number of visitors.

Network or business?
In the weeks running up to the show it was already suggested to change the date to March and to allow consumers on the show floor as well. This could be an interesting option as due to the current show planning, the mid-January FietsVak Show is more turning into a network event. The retailers’ buying behavior changed over the past years and they hardly buy any special edition bicycles at this show anymore. They also no longer fix themselves on long term orders and the planning orders have already been given in autumn.

E-bike of the Year
A striking bike among this year’s nominees for the Dutch e-bike of the Year, the Smart from car maker Daimler. Yet it was the US brand Trek who got the prize of e-bike of the Year with their TM500 +. Third nominee was the Sparta ION RXS +. Although Sparta holds a strong position on the Dutch e-bike market, the Bosch drive system is gaining popularity rapidly. Last year there was only one participant in the e-bike election of the year with the Bosch system. This year there were eight e-bikes with Bosch out of twenty-seven contestants.

Bike of the Year
Out of three nominees, the Batavus San Remo, the Gazelle Esprit Urban and the Giant Futuro RS 1, the jury proclaimed the Batavus Bike of the Year. The Batavus San Remo was characterized by its modern styled frame with high quality final assembly including the Shimano Nexus 8 Premium hub.
The three Bicycle Innovation Awards went to Cleanbar of Gazelle, the Sparta SL18 headlight and the inner tube of Rubena Gaadi submitted by Verduin Agency.

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