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Eurobike Expects Center Stage Position for Road Race

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FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – Anticipating on the next Eurobike, which will take place from August 28 – 30, the show organization presumes a growing importance of the road race market.

Eurobike Expects Center Stage Position for Road Race
Disc brakes is one of the new trends and can be found more and more often on racing bikes. - Photo Bike Europe

According to Messe Friedrichshafen, bicycle racing is booming as the hot new sport in many Asian countries resulting in a vigorous road race bike market. In China, it is reported that sales of high-quality racing bikes have recently almost tripled within the space of a year. The cycling industry’s innovations will also be shown at the Asia bike show, which takes place from October 10 to 13, 2013, in Nanjing.

American and Asian markets

Eurobike stipulates that the American racing bike market is also waking up from its period of forced hibernation caused by the economic crisis. This is strong motivation for the Asian and American components industries to put more effort into developing new products for racing bikes.

Disc brakes, for example, are also rapidly becoming an trend and can be found more and more often on racing bikes. There is wide variation among the technical approaches used to combine the racing bikes’ complex brake levers with the hydraulically-operated disc brakes.

Disc brakes and 11-speed

The Taiwanese brake manufacturer Tektro has announced an interesting solution to this problem for 2014. Their new disc brakes for racing bikes are operated using a classic cable system, whose force is translated by a hydraulic cylinder into pressure which moves the brake calipers.

The American components supplier SRAM is taking things a step further and in 2014 plans to introduce a new generation of brakes for racing bikes in which both disc and rim brakes are controlled hydraulically from the brake lever.

On the other hand, 11-geared racing bikes are not exactly a new trend, but will become firmly established in 2014, at least among industry leaders. After Shimano and Campagnolo, also components supplier SRAM has announced that they will switch to 11 sprockets on racing bikes.

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