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ISPO Bike 2014 Scheduled for July Again

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MUNICH, Germany – ISPO Bike 2013 will start next Thursday, July 25 in Munich. At the traditional pre-show press conference more was said on the future of the show which 2014 edition is again set for July.

ISPO Bike 2014 Scheduled for July Again
Messe Munich chairman & CEO Klaus Dittrich, “ISPO Bike 2014 will open its doors from July 24-27.” - Photo: Jo Beckendorff

ISPO Bike 2013 will run this week; from July 25-28. Messe Munich’s chairman and CEO Klaus Dittrich mentioned the show’s main topic: the urban and e-mobility “we always believed in”, the new cargo bike area, about the debut of a special bicycle apparel exhibition “presenting bike wear that is not always recognizable as such”, a new special show called “pedelec tourism and infrastructure” and so on.

The 2014 edition

What he didn’t say right away and what the entire industry was waiting for: Will Messe Munich keep on going with ISPO Bike? At the opening of the debut show in 2009, Messe Munich announced a five year master plan. The industry is keen to know if they will have to live on with two bicycle shows with international ambitions in Germany, or not.


When asked Claus Dittrich looked somewhat surprised and answered, “We never talk much about future dates when concentrating on this year’s show.” Nevertheless it was the first time he announced a date for 2014. “ISPO Bike 2014 will open its doors from July 24-27.”

This also means that the Munich show will stick with the late July dates. But, one week before ISPO Bike 2013 opens its doors, Dittrich made clear that he wanted to talk about this year’s edition and not the future of this show.

No five year master plan

Later on ISPO Bike project manager David Badalec noted, albeit a little bit annoyed that, “there has never been a five year master plan as it might have been communicated and stayed over the years in the media world.” Now they are thinking year by year, “Dittrich has now announced the dates for next year. That’s all.”

According to industry observers this late announcement costs ISPO Bike a couple of exhibitors. Several of them awaited a clear statement at least at the Taipei Cycle Show. But Messe Munich gave no clear statement about the future of their show. Possible exhibitors didn’t want to invest in “an exhibition of a sinking ship.”

Eurobike’s coolness

Now it is clear. The ship isn’t sinking. “Keep on going” seems to be the only chance to perhaps overcome one day the current leading Eurobike show. According to industry insiders, “it’s not in the hands of ISPO Bike but in the hands of Eurobike and how they are able to deal with the space and infrastructure problems over there”. Or better said – only time could be on ISPO Bike’s side. That would be the case if Eurobike might one day lose its current hype and coolness factor the show organizer has been able to maintain so far. But this could easily change “next year, in five years, ten or whenever”.

ISPO Bike 2013

ISPO Bike 2013 will feature in all “209 exhibitors from 22 countries representing 328 brands”. The show’s 5th edition will occupy a total of 25,000 square meter. In other words: Halls B5 and B6 will house this year’s Ispo Bike 2013, including a large pedelec test track built up by ExtraEnergy e.V. If the weather is fine this unique indoor test track will be supported by an outdoor test track on the wide Messe Munich fairground space.

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