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Success Drives Taichung Bike Week to New Highs

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TAICHUNG, Taiwan – Started some years ago as a meeting place for OEM product managers, Taichung Bike Week (TBW) now faces the influx of another group of visitors. Attracted by many positive stories after previous editions, TBW 2013 that started earlier today, attracts a growing number of AM buyers.

Success Drives Taichung Bike Week to New Highs
TBW 2013 that started earlier today, attracts a growing number of AM buyers. ‘But It still is an OEM event.’ says organizer Steve Fenton.

“This event was and is organized for OEM’s as MY 2015 kick-off. As we don’t require people to register other buyers can come in as well,” says TBW organizer Steve Fenton. “It still is an OEM event and as I always say, we don’t want to compete with the other big show in Taiwan. Both are for the benefit of the Taiwanese bicycle industry and we want to keep it that way.”

Exhibitor numbers; from 195 in 2012 to 309

The mini show for the bicycle industry, spread over three hotels in downtown Taichung will run to next Friday, November 8. The event is again much bigger than last year. The number of exhibitors increased from 195 in 2012 to 309 this year. The number of visitors is a rough estimate as there is no central registration.

Success because of location

The success of the TBW is also the result of location of the event. “It is the only bike show were you can combine your visit with a factory or company tour. This is the first event that came to the bike industry and not the other way around,” said one of the visitors.

The question is how long this growth can continue in the current three hotels, the Splendor, Tempus and Evergreen. The Ride-On even had to look for another location as they did not fit in one of the three hotels. “We don’t know where we will be in two years,” says Fenton. When asked for his plan for the next two years he refers to a stakeholders meeting of the newly founded company Taichung Bike Week International later this week. “Together we will discuss the strategy for TBW. Perhaps I can tell more tomorrow at the Taichung Bike Week reception dinner party for all TBW participants.”

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