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Taiwan’s Bicycle Shows to Unite?

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TAICHUNG, Taiwan – The concept is not new and it has already been suggested by many industry insiders; a close cooperation between Taichung Bike Week (TBW) and the Taipei International Cycle Show. Last night, Hank Kao, General Manager of SRAM Asia openly shared this idea.

Taiwan’s Bicycle Shows to Unite?
Let the Taipei International Cycle Show come to Taichung,’ said Hank Kao, General Manager of SRAM Asia.

“Let the Taipei Cycle Show come to Taichung,” said Hank Kao last night at the official 2013 Taichung Bike Week (TBW) welcome party in the Splendor hotel which is one of the four locations of this year’s event. Even if there’s a decision to do so, it will take several years to accomplish as Taichung lacks the space for a professional exhibition.

No exhibition center

The Taichung city government has planned the construction of a new exhibition center in the near future. That could give an extra boost to the growth of the TBW. However when talking to local people in Taichung they all refer to a previous city government attempt to build an exhibition center some years ago. This ended in a major fraud case and there’s still no exhibition center.

Fact is that the TBW is growing in popularity among exhibitors, product managers and buyers of OEMs as well as AM companies. “Timing and location are great. All product managers are here to make final arrangements for MY 2015 and all their suppliers are located nearby,” is often named as the major advantage of the TBW. Taipei can’t offer that.

Future is uncertain

While the importance of the TBW is growing for product managers and buyers of OEMs and AM companies, Taiwanese exhibitors point at the significance of the Taipei Cycle Show. It has evolved into the most important AM and dealer show for Asia which is a vital growth market. As nobody knows yet how this show situation might unfold in the future the Taiwanese bicycle industry doesn’t want to bet on one horse and continues to attend both events. However, numerous American and European product managers and buyers have skipped attending Taipei Cycle Show and concentrate on TBW.

Tomorrow, Friday November 8th is the closing day of the 2013 Taichung Bike Week.

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