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E-Bike Offering Going Ballistic at Eurobike 2014

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AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands – Next week’s Eurobike will see an offering in electric bikes as well as in e-bike components that is going through the roof. Last year’s newcomers like e-MTBs and speed pedelecs are now becoming mainstream while also the offering in e-bike component is creating a new level in diversity.

E-Bike Offering Going Ballistic at Eurobike 2014
E-Hybrids, e-MTBs, e-Racers; all the new e-bike categories that will be on display at Eurobike 2014 are creating an increasingly diverse marketplace. – Photo Bike Europe

What was started last year by Accell daughter Winora through its Haibike brand with the launch of the XDuro line-up of e-MTBs and even e-Racers will see lots of followers this year. They will be on display in every thinkable set-up; even in full suspension and full carbon trim.

And what was already there at some stands last year – e-bikes in a more Hybrid/Trekking set-up – will also be more wide-spread than even before. Does this mean that e-bike ‘prophets’ who from the start of the ‘e-trend’ claimed that electric pedal support was to get into every bike category, are proven right?

Exploded offering in speed pedelecs

Next to lots and lots of e-MTBs and e-Hybrids next week’s Eurobike will see an exploded offering in speed pedelecs. The few companies that hesitatingly started in high speed e-bikes in 2013 and this year, like Accell Group through its Dutch and German brands, Specialized with its now well reputed Turbo as well as Riese & Müller and various others, are all substantially expanding their line-ups for ModelYear 2015. And undoubtedly more and more (big) players will in Friedrichshafen show to have stepped on this new bandwagon for the e-bike sector.

Increasingly diverse marketplace

All the new e-bike categories that will be on display at Eurobike 2014 are creating an increasingly diverse marketplace. And all the e-bike and s-pedelec manufacturers have a multitude of drive systems to choose from. The offering in e-bike drive systems is huge and growing. The times have well passed that Panasonic and Yamaha dominated the e-bike motor market. Currently Bosch sells more mid-motors in the EU than Panasonic. Mid motors now seem to have become almost standard, but this is not reflected in sales figures (yet).

Shimano’s e-bike groupset

Interesting is that newcomer Shimano in the mid-motor sector is with STEPS launching their own e-bike groupset; combining a mid-motor with electronic shifting to reduce wear due to shifting under load. But there are numerous others active in the mid-motor sector and well over ten more are coming. All Asian suppliers and all focusing primarily on the EU market. The biggest among them: Samsung.

Hub motors’ potential

Hub motors are often spoken of as if they’re just for e-bikes at the lower end of the price range. But the potential of (front as well as rear) hub motors is certainly still a long way from being exhausted.

In any case; the future belongs to partly or fully digital drive systems. These might have a power-splitting transmission system. This makes it possible to have a continuously-variable transmission system. For an e-bike this will mean that the energy obtained from the rider’s pedal force is electrified, stored and to be used when necessary. At Eurobike digital drives will feature as part of the ExtraEnergy LEV Components Special Exhibition.

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