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Eleven Eurobike Gold Awards

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FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – The Eurobike Award saw a record number of 500 entries this year. The industry design award was organized for the first time in association with the German Designer Club. The six-person expert panel selected 56 products to receive a Eurobike Award.

Eleven Eurobike Gold Awards
The presentation of the products that got a Eurobike Awards always attracts a lot of spectators at the West Entrance of the Eurobike venue. – Photo Bike Europe

Eleven out of those 56 products of them received a Gold Award and one company was given a Green Award for a product that represents not only outstanding design, but also sets a new benchmark for sustainability. The Gold Awards were handed out last week during Eurobike.

German Designer Club

The German Designer Club was also full of praise for the bicycle industry following its first involvement in the Eurobike. “The bicycle industry has reached a level in design that would have been unthinkable a few years ago,” said the German Designer Club Chairman of the Board Michael Eibes.

“The Eurobike Award denotes products that represent outstanding design, quality and functionality. However, even within this select group, there are products that stand out. These exceptional products set new standards and push the envelope in the industry. They are the winners of the Eurobike Gold Awards,” explained Eurobike’s General Manager Stefan Reisinger.

The Gold Awards winners are:

  • Canyon Commuter
  • Cube Hybrid HPC SLT 29
  • Stromer ST2 Sport
  • Triple2 Schaap Jacket
  • Wahoo Kickr
  • AX Lightness Vial Evo D
  • Winora Staiger Dealer Center
  • Rafael –r-023 Ueberbike
  • Canyon Aeroroad CF SLX
  • Curana ilu
  • Topeak Transformer X

The Green Award winner is:

  • Velospring Sen Comfort
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