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Italian Brands Less Prominent at Expobici

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PADOVA, Italy –The international showcase of the Italian bicycle industry, Expobici, saw a successful edition last weekend. From September 19 – 22 the demo day and show made clear that the traditional Italian bicycles companies took another step back in favour of foreign brands.

Italian Brands Less Prominent at Expobici
Expobici made clear that the traditional Italian bike companies took once again a step back on their home market in favour of foreign brands. – Photo Bike Europe

The first brands visitors met after entering the show were companies like Haibike, Fuji bikes and Marin while the Italian cycling enthusiasts and trade visitors had to walk through two halls to find Colnago or Cipollini and even more for Di Rosa. “In road race the Italians are pushed away from the market by the name like Canyon, BMC and on the component side DT Swiss,” an industry insider said on the show floor. “It is all about who’s has got the biggest marketing funds and the foreigners are in the lead, even on the Italian market.”

Influx of new e-bike brands

The promising forecasts for a rapidly expanding e-bike market created a huge influx of newcomers for this product category. Perhaps up to 50% of the e-bike exhibitors were presenting themselves for the first time at Expobici. The years to come will show which brands will survive. In the past years the Italian e-bike market has been expanding slowly but steadily. Though the market in 2013 was still growing by 11.8% to 51,000 units, 2014 sales are less positive. Several exhibitors of e-bike products confirmed that the market really took off in spring but as a result to rainy weather conditions in July and August, overall sales in 2014 is expected to expand by just a few percent. These bad weather conditions will also impact overall 2014 bicycle sales in Italy.


Especially Saturday and Sunday the halls of the Padova Fiere were crowded with bike loving Italians, though official statistics have not been provided by the show organization. On Monday, trade day, exhibitors were also not complaining about the attendance as the booths and corridors were full as well.

A full report on Expobici 2014 will be published in the October issue of Bike Europe.

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