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Asia Bike Show Takes Next Step Forward

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NANJING, China – “The strategy of putting on a trade show in China focused on sports and luxury bikes was risky, but the show’s success has proven us right,” said Knut Jäger, Asia bike chairman after the show which ended last Sunday.

Asia Bike Show Takes Next Step Forward

“Now our task is to bring long term stability to this concept. We will work on this with the strong support of our partner Eurobike.” The fourth edition of Asia Bike attracted 487 well-known brands, an increase of 24% over the previous year. 82% of exhibitors came from abroad and the show’s floor space increased by 36% to 38,000 square meters. The show registered a total of 15,796 visitors.

“With the fourth edition of the show, we have taken another important step forward. The Asia bike industry has grown not only in terms of quantity, but especially in terms of quality,” said Eurobike general manager Stefan Reisinger. “China is going to be one of the most important distribution markets for high-end bikes and the transition away from a pure sourcing market is fully underway. We are pleased that we are able to establish a valuable platform with Asia bike in China for our partners throughout the world.”

The fifth edition of the Asia bike is scheduled from  9 -12 October 2015.

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