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Mando Footloose Switches from Internet to Dealers

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ROTTERDAM, the Netherlands – Two years ago, the revolutionary chainless electric folding bike, Mando Footloose, made its debut. Since then it stayed silent; in particular because Mando decided to sell the bike exclusively through Internet. Things are changing now. Currently Mando is looking for dealers in the Benelux countries.

Mando Footloose Switches from Internet to Dealers
Mando Footloose switches from sales through Internet to dealer sales in the Benelux. – Photo Mando Corporation

During the 2012 Eurobike the Mando Footloose was presented as being, “The première of chainless hybrid technology for e-bikes.” Behind the Footloose revolution is  the Korean company Mando Corp., a giant in the automotive industry. Mando manufactures brake systems, steering systems and suspensions systems for cars, and is supplying mostly the Far East automotive industry. Revolutionary about the Mando Footloose is that it is not an electric folding bike, but an electronic one.

Electronic drive

This electronic drive operates by pedals putting an alternating current generator in action. The generator and the battery power the 250W motor. This new drive technology brings USP’s in design as it offers the possibility to cable-free, sleek and ultra-modern looking folding bikes with hardly any noticeable  bolted-on parts.

40 Benelux dealers

The Korean automotive company targeted to sell the Mando Footloose through Internet. It seems that sales is not meeting the expectations. The European branch of Mando Corporation – Halla Meister Europe BV in Rotterdam – announces to look for some forty dealers within the Netherlands and Belgium for re-selling the Mando Footloose. Next to now focusing on the dealer channel also Mando’s retail price has come down to 2,690 euro. Sales at the Benelux dealers is to start next February. More at:

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