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Taiwan’s ‘Lohas’ Event Attracts Many Cycling Fans

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TAICHUNG, Taiwan – Young and old enjoyed themselves at the 2014 ‘Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability’ (Lohas) day in Taichung, Taiwan. Supported by several companies from the bicycle industry the event hosted numerous different bike races.

Taiwan’s ‘Lohas’ Event Attracts Many Cycling Fans
Many of the young competitors practiced and experienced the fun of riding a push bike up the slopes. – Photo Lohas

A national dirt jump bike slope race between age group and elite group was held at the outdoor racing tracks. Exciting scenes kept going on as the difficulty of the race increased. Highly difficult skills such as leaping over the slopes could constantly been seen. Although this is just a race of four or five hundred meters, it not only requires the contestants to handle the aerobics but also their ability to carefully calculate the angles of curve tracks and inclinations in order to minimize the risk of losing control.

Cross-country race

Watching the daring and energetic Gaus Wheel bikers competing in the classic cross-country bike race, not only did the contestants demonstrate speed but through blocking each other’s way with full effort, they also showed their determination to win.

Young participants

The push bike slope race (Age group 2-6) took place for the first time. With their feet as the source of power, they tried their best to move in. No matter how the results came out, ranks were not the main focus of the race. The most important thing was to learn every young participants the habit of exercising and the ability to face frustration.

Bike carnival

Holding an overall integrated activity for the first time, the head of Iron Hill Cycling Sport Village, Wu-Hsiung Liao thinks that this bike carnival not only satisfied all kinds of bikers but also successfully promoted outdoor exercises. By combining different kinds of performances, the organizer believes that all the participants could have fun on Lohas Day. Two-wheel sport lovers like Johnny Liu and Lisa Wang participated in many activities like making cakes and bike racing with the children from Taiwan Fund for Children and Families.

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