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WFSGI Conference on ‘Beyond Lean Manufacturing

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LAUSANNNE, Switzerland – The World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI) continues to put effort into manufacturing challenges, also in the bicycle industry. Following the 2013 edition on ‘The Future of Manufacturing’ and in 2014 on ‘Integrating Design & Manufacturing’ WFSGI will host a new conference on ‘Beyond Lean Manufacturing’ in 2015.

WFSGI Conference on ‘Beyond Lean Manufacturing
After the successful 2014 edition of the WFSGI Manufacturers Forum the 2015 event will take place in Asia. – Photo Bike Europe

This WFSGI conference will take place next December in Asia. “We will also launch workshops in Asia where we will dive deeper into specific manufacturing topics such as water and waste management, chemical and supply chain management as well as come-closer-to-selling aspects”, states Charles Yang, Chairman WFSGI Manufacturers Committee.


“We need these workshops to initiate a mind shift for all people anchored in their long-term processes”, Charles Yang says. Registration for the WFSGI Manufacturers Forum and Workshops will be soon live on WFSGI’s website.

To support the service to manufacturers and brands in the Asian region and intensify the relation with the Asian and Oceania national and regional federations the WFSGI opened an office in Hong Kong. By setting-up an office in Hong Kong, developing a new CSR strategy and hiring a textile and innovation expert, the WFSGI further focuses on his role as the hub where industry challenges, concerns, directions and actions are discussed and initiated.

Also in the bicycle industry the WFSGI is enjoying a growing popularity. In 2014 Selle Italia, Italy, Selle San Marco, Italy, Selle SMP, Italy and Trelock, Germany joined the WFSGI.

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