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Fifth Asia Bike Combined with Industry Summit

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NANJING, China – The first Asia Bike summit will take place alongside the fifth Asia Bike show in Nanjing, China, from October 9 to 12, 2015. The forum, hosted by Asia Bike, invites industry leaders to voice and exchange ideas on issues and developing trends in the bicycle industry.

Fifth Asia Bike Combined with Industry Summit
Stefan Reisinger, Eurobike and Outdoor division manager at Messe Friedrichshafen, ’Summit is organized to deal with pressing issues of bike sector in China.’ - Photo Messe Friedrichshafen

“2014 was a challenging year for the bicycle industry in China,” explains Stefan Reisinger, Eurobike and Outdoor division manager at Messe Friedrichshafen. “Although the sport bicycle market in China continues to grow, the number of brands, sales channels and counterfeited products increased as well.”

“The summit will be organized to deal with these issues in depth. As a professional bicycle exhibition attended by numerous brands, distributors, trade visitors and media representatives, why not integrate all these resources in order to provide an opportunity to discuss these problems, but also to build a bridge between brands and cyclists.”


“We found out that e-commerce is one of the most pressing issues for the bicycle industry. What is the position of brands in e-commerce? If brands are leading, what kind of model is needed to achieve mutual benefits for the brand image and store sales? If distributors are dominant, how will brands manage distributors selling the same product at different prices? The market in China is developing rapidly and we see a lot of similarities between the bicycle and the outdoor industry.”

Experiences of the Outdoor industry

In a joint venture Messe Friedrichshafen organized the tenth edition of the Outdoor Nanjing show last month. “In the past ten years the outdoor industry has experienced a rapid increase in brands, a significant expansion of retail outlets and a slowdown in market growth,” says Stefan Reisinger. Today it is difficult for outdoor brands to find retail outlets due to fierce competition and excess inventory. The experience of the outdoor industry may be relevant to the bicycle industry. How can the bicycle industry draw its lessons? Some outdoor retailers successfully transfer their sales from physical stores to “social” sales through online micromarketing platforms such as WeChat. What factors contribute to their success?”

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