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E-Bikes Grow Number of Eurobike Award Entries

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FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – Exactly 500 products were judged this year by a panel of experts for the Eurobike Awards. After two days of intensive evaluation and discussion twelve were selected for a Eurobike Gold Award and one for a Eurobike Green Award.

E-Bikes Grow Number of Eurobike Award Entries
12 Gold and 1 Green Award winners with 51 other Eurobike Award are displayed in Foyer West. – Photo Eurobike

At the award ceremony yesterday Eurobike project manager Dirk Heidrich pointed out that, “At a time when the bicycle industry is witnessing an strong growth in innovation, there are still products that stand out from the rest of the field. These products are setting new industry benchmarks for technical innovation and outstanding design. Only such products deserve to receive a Eurobike Gold Award.”

E-bike development

The judges were particularly interested to follow developments in the e-bike segment, which was responsible for a large number of entries this year. “E-bikes have far more applications than they did two years ago. And the bikes have seen considerable developments. I could imagine that in five years’ time there will only be bikes with motors. Things are moving so fast, it’s astonishing,” the judge said in a statement.

Green Award for Schwalbe

In addition to the twelve Gold Awards this year, there is also a Green Award for a recycling concept for bicycle inner tubes developed by tyre manufacturer Schwalbe. “Bike dealers often don’t know what to do with old, worn-out inner tubes. Now all Schwalbe inner tubes can be recycled when returned by the dealers to the manufacturers free of charge. Today Schwalbe’s bike inner tubes already consist of 20% recycled material,” commented the judge’s panel.

The winners of the Gold Awards are:

  • Aenimal Bhulk (by Eurocompositi di Marco Genovese in Italy)
  • Belter 20 Trail 3S (by Early Rider Limited in the United Kingdom)
  • UP (by OPEN CYCLE in Switzerland)
  • Slate Force CX1 (Cannondale in the United States)
  • Spicy Curry (by Yuba Bicycles and Currie Tech in United States)
  • Coboc Commuter Bike (by Coboc in Germany)
  • Specialized Turbo Levo FSR (by Specialized Bicycle Components in Switzerland)
  • Winora Radius (by Winora in Germany)
  • Diamond Jkt – E-Bike jacket (by Pure Electric in Italy)
  • Modular Pumptrack (by Bikeparkitect in the Czech Republic)
  • Fahrradträger BIKE-LIFT (by EAL GmbH in Germany)
  • uvex variotronic s (by uvex sports GmbH & Co.KG in Germany)

The winner of the Green Award is:

  • Schwalbe Schlauch-Recycling (by Ralf Bohle GmbH in Germany

The 13 Gold and Green Award winners and together with the 51 other Eurobike Award winners will be displayed in a special showcase in the Messe Friedrichshafen Foyer West until the end of the trade show on Saturday, August 29.

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