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Is Eurobike Taking Over Taichung Bike Week’s Role?

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TAICHUNG, Taiwan – Will Eurobike 2016 include MY 2018 product previews for OEMs on Monday and Tuesday before the show starts? Strong indications are there that this is to happen as the timing of Taichung Bike Week 2016 is close to that of Eurobike.

Is Eurobike Taking Over Taichung Bike Week’s Role?
The timing of Taichung Bike Week is close to that of Eurobike. In 2016 the two event are only six weeks apart. – Photo Bike Europe

Business was as usual at Taichung Bike Week 2015. But this looks to be changing. As Eurobike dropped its Demo Day there are now two days available for new MY product previews for OEMs before the show starts on Wednesday.

Product previews

Last August, for the first time at Eurobike some component manufacturers presented product previews for the next model year to OEM product managers. For 2016 this looks to be replicated on a much larger scale. In particular as Messe Friedrichshafen is now offering this opportunity by dropping its Demo Day on Tuesday.

Likely scenario

What is contributing to this likely scenario is the fact that the timing of Taichung Bike Week is currently close to that of Eurobike. This year the two events were seven weeks apart. In 2016 this will be shortened to only six weeks as Eurobike moved its opening day from August 26 in 2015, to August 31 in 2016. Taichung Bike Weeks 2016 dates are October 18 – 21. This year the hotel show event started October 20.

Ride-On Group

At this year’s Taichung Bike Week, Ride-On organizer Luca Conte said in one of the show dailies they are working on bringing a similar event to Europe. Ride-On Group participants FSA, Selle Royal, Vittoria, Mavic, Magura, Hayes and Fox started their OEM event in Taichung years ago. That eventually grew into Taichung Bike Week.

Luca Conte said, “The idea is to create a similar event in Europe for such brands that cannot come to TBW from Europe and the US and that want to see the new MY components at an earlier time.”

That time looks to be end of August and the place looks to be Friedrichshafen.

MY 2018 models to arrive May 2016?

With the new MY component line-ups being presented at even earlier dates, it is expected that the bikes of that new model year will also arrive earlier. Does this mean that in May 2016 IBD’s in the US and Europe will see the first 2018 models arrive at their shops?

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