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E-Bikes Trending at Consumer Electronics Show

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LAS VEGAS, USA – For the e-bike industry the annual CES 2016 or ‘International Consumer Electronics Show’ has become a showcase to present their innovative technologies new gadgets. What’s on display in Las Vegas?

E-Bikes Trending at Consumer Electronics Show
The smart interface of COBI is one of the e-bike technologies on display at the CES. – Photo COBI

Connectivity was already one of the leading trends at Eurobike 2015 and new developments can be seen at the CES. The smart interfacing technology of COBI is one of those innovations to take bicycle and e-bike riding to the next level.

Just like the hands-free systems featured in many cars, COBI uses the smart phone for connective, navigational, and convenience tools, like the e-bike settings, when cycling.

Yunma Evelo

Bike Europe CES2The Evelo is Yunmake Technology’s concept e-bike and the first ever one exhibited by a Chinese company at CES. “This e-bike provides a convenient mode of transportation on crowded city streets, is positioned as a travel tool of choice for modern young professionals,” said CEO Qiu Yiwu. “It is much easier to ride compared with other e-bikes thanks to the relocation of the switch to alternate between mechanical riding mode and e-mode. It has been placed on a handlebar, allowing users to shift back and forth using one hand.”

Obviously for the Yunma Evelo an app is used to for remote locking and locking as well as locating the nearest recharging stations and monitor riding performance. The Yunma Evelo is not yet commercially available.


Bike Europe CES3The Urban626 is what’s called last mile transportation. It is designed to be folded up and tossed into a trunk, carried onto a train, bus or the like and then quickly unfolded and ridden that ‘last mile’ of a commute.

According to Sven Etzelsberger, Urban626’s Chief Technology Officer, co-founder and a former Porsche designer, the Urb-e’s design is as compact and lightweight as possible.

The frame has large holes in it that remove unnecessary material and mass while the forks and handlebar are made of carbon fibre. At 25 km/h the Urban626 has a reach of 32 kilometres.

Orbitec Japan

Bike Europe CES1Satoshi Yanagisawa of Japan displays the Orbitrec, a connected 3D printed bicycle by Cerevo. The bicycle features 3D printed titanium joints, carbon fiber tubes and a built-in sensor module that sends a variety of information to a smartphone.

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