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Outdoor Sector Scores Slight Growth in 2015

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MUNICH, Germany – At the sporting goods show Ispo Munich 2016 that closed its doors last Wednesday the performance of the outdoor market in 2015 was highlighted. The figures made clear that the boom years with double-digit growth are over. For this year the outdoor sector is optimistic expecting improved sales.

Outdoor Sector Scores Slight Growth in 2015
European Outdoor Group President John Jansen presenting the 2015 sales data. – Photo Jo Beckendorff

Association European Outdoor Group (EOG) announced the sales data that come from its ongoing market research program. The figures presented by Keen Europe GM John Jansen in his role as EOG President are based on an annual market feedback survey completed by 50 EOG members. According to the survey, “The first nine months of the year have been very good, but the remaining three months were not easy. Especially the last two months have been painful.”

Still growth

Nevertheless, the survey concludes that 2015 has again been a year of growth. “In particular less weather-dependent products showed increasing sales,” says the survey. All in all 85% of the respondents reported an increase in the wholesale-value compared to 2014, with 73% stating a growth of plus 2.5%. Only 8% of the survey respondents stated that their sales were down.

For this year the survey indicates a further sales improvement as the overall mood in the sector is good. The EOG President reported that 75% of the survey respondents expect “2016 to be better than 2015 and 30% to be this year much better.”

In 2015 the overall outdoor value sales increased 2.5%. According to the EOG statistics the outdoor sector’s sell-in value amounted € 4.83 billion in 2015. “This equates to an estimated € 10.2 billion retail value.” However, it should be noted here that the division between outdoor products and for instance fashion products are not quite distinctive.

Challenges in rapidly changing times

“Our industry continues to operate in a rapidly changing business and consumer environment. In the context of some very big challenges and accepting that there hasn’t been growth across the board, these early indications are signs of the underlying strength of the outdoor sector,” said EOG general secretary Mark Held.

Currently EOG is representing 68 outdoor brands (several of them are successful names in bicycle apparel and accessories), 15 leading outdoor retailers (also selling bike products) as well as 9 associations. For enlisting more members EOG is now working on getting also textile suppliers like Gore and Sympatex on board.

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