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Competition for Complete E-Bike System Suppliers

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TAIPEI, Taiwan – At the Taipei International Cycle Show which had its second day today and still has two more to go, a cooperation came to light between a renowned e-bike battery supplier and Bafang and Brose. The company is called Hi-Tech Energy and turns Bafang and Brose into a complete drive system supplier for taking up the competition with (among others) Bosch, Panasonic and Yamaha.

Competition for Complete E-Bike System Suppliers
EnergyTubes from Hi-Tech Energy. – Photo Bike Europe

Hi-Tech Energy is to provide turnkey solutions to e-bike makers. The three companies offer a modular line-up that includes a complete variety of e-bike batteries that can be connected to the Bafang and Brose mid-motors as well as Bafang’s hub drive-systems.


Next to the frame-tube or rear-rack integrated batteries Hi Tech Energy also offers what it calls ‘EnergyTubes’. These ‘tubes’ contain standardized 18650-Li-Ion cells. Each tube has a defined construction of 70mm diameter and 180mm length. This construction allows that the EnergyTubes can be combined in different battery forms. Every EnergyTube has a connector at the top and the bottom which enables a connection with other tubes to a battery pack or to other systems.

Intelligent batteries

The connectors can provide data interfaces like EnergyBus, Smart Grid, Industrie 4.0, USN etcetera. This allows for an intelligent battery that can be scaled and adapted to different applications over defined interfaces. It offers possibilities for an wide range of applications.

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