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Major Increase in Overseas Participants of Taipei Cycle d&i Awards

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TAIPEI, Taiwan – The total number of overseas entries for the Taipei Cycle d&i Awards increased by nearly 40% this year. “This clearly shows that this award is widely recognized by the international community,” said TAITRA President Peter Huang this afternoon at the award ceremony. Nevertheless five out of six Gold Awards were handed over to Taiwan based companies.

Major Increase in Overseas Participants of Taipei Cycle d&i Awards
This afternoon the Taipei Cycle d&i Awards as well as six gold awards were handed over to the winners. – Photo Bike Europe

In the category bicycles the Gold Awards was handed over to Chuhn Chuan Corp for their X-mini Push bike which was praised by the jury for its “clean, straightforward, no non-sense design making any kid the coolest kid on the block.” Gigantex Composite Technologies won a Gold Award for their CP016 disc brake carbon wheel, described as “light and nicely manufactured state-of-the-art disc brake carbon fiber wheel set with adjustable carbon fiber spokes.”

Inflatable jacket

The inflatable jacket developed by HydraKnight Innovation Co., Ltd and Protanium got an award for its “stylish and practical, design and the possibility to vary the insulation with the seasons.” The chain whip pliers of Super B Precision Tool was awarded for “its innovative way of using spring tension to fit the pliers to cassette.” In the category e-bikes Darfon Innovation Corp got an award for its BESV CF1 thanks to its “particularly good performance with its built-in features which includes lights, sturdy rack, lock and battery contained in a very stylish frame.”

Finally Singapore based Coast Cycles’ Coast Cycles Quinn in the category compact commuting bicycle was awarded thanks to the “combination of a chunky strength and urban cred of a BMX which makes it very practical.”

A total of 47 winners were honoured today at the award ceremony during the pre-show press conference for the Taipei Cycle Show 2016. All award-winning products are presented at the tradeshow which starts tomorrow March 2 until 5 March.

Appeal to continue to invest in innovation

“Bicycle development was concentrated around MTB and road race for a long time”, said Giant CEO Tony Lo at the Taipei Cycle d&i awards 2016 ceremony this afternoon. “But takes to the new lifestyle which results in an increase in cycling innovation has shifted towards standard bicycles and e-bikes. I appeal to the industry to continue this trend in order to get more bike wheels on the earth for a better environment.”

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