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Successful Premiere for Urban Bike Festival Zurich

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ZÜRICH, Switzerland – Last weekend the largest Swiss city launched the first Urban Bike Festival. Thanks to the attractive mix of exhibition, test options, competitions and shows, public interest surpassed initial expectations.

Successful Premiere for Urban Bike Festival Zurich
Urban Bike Festival was located in large hall with events taking place in outside tent. – Photo Peter Hummel

The initial kick-off was not yet as desired though: in 2015 the preferred event location was not available and the start of the new festival had to be postponed by one year. But for this spring a perfect location was found in the emerging trendy area Zurich-West: the Schiffbauhalle, a former shipbuilding yard with the adjacent spacy Turbinenplatz.

Danny MacAskill

The exhibition was located in the large hall while the test boxes and attractions such as the mini-drome, the pump track, the e-Cargobikes as well as the drop and roll show with stunt star Danny MacAskill were put in a tent outside.

The booth allocation was a smart decision by the organizer: the wooden pallets ensured an equally tidy as well as a stylish and creative ambience. Some exhibitors complained about the pricey stand rental; but the estimated 20,000 visitors, thanks to free admission, generated the big attention as desired.

No competition

The fact that the premiere of this new urban bike festival became an instant success is due to the long experience of the organizer who has been managing the Bike Days in Solothurn in Switzerland for almost 10 years. This gave him the expertise on a coherent approach between exhibition and spectacle.

Organizing committee President Erwin Flury believes that “the Urban Bike Festival do not compete with the Bikedays held only a month later. Here we get the urban cyclists from the agglomeration Zürich. In Solothurn we attract a more sporty audience.”

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