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E-Bikes Now Leading in ZEG Offering

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COLOGNE, Germany – The electric bicycle is in the lead at the German dealer cooperative ZEG. Last year, ZEG already claimed a market share of fifty percent of all e-bikes sold in Germany. This claim is reflected in the 2017 model range where e-bikes are top of mind for all ZEG brands.

E-Bikes Now Leading in ZEG Offering
ZEG MD Georg Honkomp welcomes about 1,500 industry guests at the dinner party during the opening night of the dealer event. – Photo Bike Europe

At the annual ZEG dealer order show, which took place July 15 – 18 it was obvious that Bosch is still the preferred supplier for e-bike systems, though Steps and Suntour both expand their market share. But also system supplier Brose is making a successful entrance at the ZEG brands, mainly thanks to its high torque output which makes the system very suitable for e-MTBs.


Of course, Zemo and Greenmover as dedicated e-bike brands, but also the e-MTBs of Bulls and the e-city and e-trekking bikes of Pegasus had prominent positions at the ZEG show. The same goes for the dealer cooperative own brand Hercules where the e-MTB category has been expanded substantially. As the ZEG event is the first of all big bicycle shows in Europe, this prelude might be the indication for an overwhelming offering of e-MTBs at the upcoming Eurobike show.

A full report on the ZEG dealer show will be published in the August issue of Bike Europe.

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