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Eurobike 2016; Outlook is Mixed but Not for E-Bikes

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DOETINCHEM, The Netherlands – What will Eurobike 2016, which is opening its doors in just a few hours, bring? Next to a very, very busy show it’s clear that the outlook for the bike sector in Europe is a mixed one, in particular for the 2nd half of the year. However, that’s not the case for companies that went all-out in e-bikes and e-MTBs.

Eurobike 2016; Outlook is Mixed but Not for E-Bikes
Electrifying bicycles and MTBs is growing beyond all expectations. Eurobike 2016 will be proof to that. – Photo Bike Europe

There’s a sharp contrast emerging between companies that focus strongly on electric bicycles, e-MTBs as well as speed e-bikes and others that don’t have such an all-out approach while companies and brands that focus not at all at ‘e’ should be getting worried about their future.

Internet impact

What is also becoming more and more evident is that Internet sales is having a big impact on the sector. As noted in Bike Europe’s August (Eurobike preview) edition, it will bring pivotal changes to the European bike sector. Internet-browsing consumers that insist on having the products of their choice in hours and not in weeks is forcing the industry to get to just-in-time deliveries. Rapidly growing internet sales puts pressure on distribution channels and pricing and is forcing the bike sector to adapt. How the sector is to react on this will be outlined by the Bike Europe Conference on Supply Chain Flexibility – Increased Speed to Market that takes place tomorrow at Eurobike. Tomorrow’s newsletter will report on the facts brought forward by speakers from Accell Group, Decathlon and Messingschlager as well as by Bike Europe editor Jack Oortwijn.

Overstock at OEMs

At the biggest in bicycles in Europe e-bikes accounted for 43% of the company’s turnover in the first half of 2016. In particular e-MTBs proved the trump card and pushed Accell Group to grow with about 10% at market conditions that proved difficult as weather conditions were poor at Europe’s main markets. This impacted sales at other major bike brands. It results in overstock at in particular OEMs as dealers tend to limit their stocks nowadays.

Clearance sales impact acceptance MY 2017

With weather conditions that also in July and August were not favourable for selling bicycles in Europe inventories are still higher than average. Discounts for MY 2016 bikes are expected for this fall. Such clearance sales will impact the acceptance of MY 2017 by dealers and other sales channels at this year’s Eurobike.

E-bikes growing beyond all expectations

Electrifying bicycles and MTBs is growing beyond all expectations. Eurobike 2016 will be proof to that. Not only by an overwhelming offering with again many newcomers but also as the e-bike trend is attracting lots of attention from outside the bicycle sector.

Many visitors from automotive industry

It is said that Eurobike 2016 is to see the biggest number of visitors ever from the automotive industry. What they are looking for remains for now the question. But what is certain is that they focus on strategic urban mobility matters; not just on getting a piece of the action of a European market that by 2020 is forecasted to stand at some 6 million e-bikes.

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