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CosmoBike Show Promotes ‘Made in Italy’ But Export Declines

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VERONA, Italy –Italy’s main bicycle show for industry and consumers, CosmoBike will open its doors on next Friday morning September 16. At the second edition of this event, almost 500 exhibitors from 23 countries will show the latest developments on the Italian market.

CosmoBike Show Promotes ‘Made in Italy’ But Export Declines
“Made in Italy is also in the bike industry an undeniable competitive advantage.” – Photo Bike Europe

“CosmoBike Show is a powerful tool for exhibitors to promote two major strategic assets for the development of the bicycle market: urban cycling and tourism,” said Paulo Coin, project manager of CosmoBike Mobility. “Urban cycling and bike sharing could both give a new impetus to the sector. Every year about 500 thousand tourists move in our country on a bicycle. But it is not only tourism, almost 750 thousand Italians commuted by bike in 2015.”

Foreign visitors

“Made in Italy is also in the bike industry an undeniable competitive advantage,” said Giovanni Mantovani, Director General of VeronaFiere at the press conference about CosmoBike last week. “That is why we have launched a new cooperation with ICE-Italian Trade Agency for an increasingly greater internationalization of CosmoBike Show. Thanks to the joint activities to promote foreign visits we are happy to welcome top buyers from 18 countries. Our objective is to promote the bicycle economy and support the industry which saw sales slowing down by 2.9% in 2015 at 1.6 million units.”

“While the market for traditional bikes declined,” explained Mantovanni, “we also see that sales volumes in the product category e-bikes are growing. Last year volumes expanded by 10% and the e-bike now represents a market share of 3.5%. This category is still a nice but we believe in its potential.”

Domestic production down 14%

The VeronaFiere Director General also reported that, “domestic production decreased by 14% last year while export decline by 11.3% to 173 million euro. However the positive news is that the component sector increased its exports value by 1.7% to 427 million euro. The total export value, bicycles and components in 2015 was 600 million euros.


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