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Eurobike Switches to July Dates in 2018

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FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – Next year it will still be business as usual at Eurobike as far as dates and schedules go. The big change comes with the 2018 edition. Then Eurobike takes place some 7 weeks earlier, starting on Sunday July 8.

Eurobike Switches to July Dates in 2018
Eurobike 2018 starts on Sunday, July 8. The Sunday start is to attract as many dealers as possible. - Photo Bike Europe

The switch to earlier dates has been announced by Messe Friedrichshafen today. But more changes will come with Eurobike’s 2018 edition. Like an exclusive focus on trade visitors and with that skipping the public ‘Festival’ Days which there were this year. According to Messe Friedrichshafen CEO Klaus Wellmann as well as Eurobike Manager Stefan Reisinger this is all about competing with the house-shows that more and more bicycle and e-bike brands are organizing and, “To secure the future relevance of Eurobike.”

Bold move

As said next year’s Eurobike stays at the dates which have already been communicated. It means that the 2017 show starts on Wednesday, August 30 and runs to Saturday, September 2, 2017 which is the concluding Festival Day. The year after Messe Friedrichshafen takes a bold move. What has been a topic for broad discussions among lots of industry players is now being put in place. A much earlier Eurobike that kicks off on Sunday, July 8, 2018.

The start on Sunday and with the following Monday with many bike shops closed, is meant to attract as many dealer as possible. Whether Eurobike 2018 runs for three or four days will be decided later and for which further consultations with exhibitors are to take place. But what is already clear is that the last Eurobike day will not be focused on the general public. From 2018 on Eurobike’s aim is to focus entirely on B2B.

Backing of many industry players

Messe Friedrichshafen’s CEO Klaus Wellmann says on the move forward in 2018, “The bike market is enjoying great dynamism and is seeing numerous changes to the value chain. By taking place earlier in the year Eurobike will be even more relevant and strengthen its position as the leading trade show for new trends and innovations. The new dates and schedule have the backing of a large number of industry players. As the earlier dates require secure planning for all parties we are already announcing them now.”

‘House shows not sustainable’

Head of Eurobike, Stefan Reisinger adds, “Numerous conversations with manufacturers, including both exhibitors and non-exhibitors, retailers and media have made it increasingly clear that further de-fragmentation of the industry into separate in-house exhibitions and order shows is neither long-term, nor sustainable. Looking down the road, we are changing the future Eurobike in two stages, adjusting the gears to strengthen its position as an innovation driver for the international bicycle industry.”

Booking options dropped

About next year’s Eurobike this 2017 edition returns to the usual schedule with one public day on Saturday. And with that the two booking options due to two Festival Days (only exhibiting at the trade show or do both; B2B and B2C) are also dropped. The four-day schedule for the 2017 show starts on Wednesday, August 30 and runs for three days focusing, as usual, on business-to-business with a subsequent Festival Day on Saturday, September 2.

Media Days

Next year the Eurobike ‘Media Days’ will take place at a new location. This media test event is scheduled at the earlier announced dates, from June 27 – 29, 2017. Location is changed to Kronplatz in the Eurobike partner region South Tyrol. It offers all sport-orientated Eurobike bicycle manufacturers an early opportunity to present innovations for 2018 to the most important international media publications and websites in the magnificent Dolomites mountains.


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