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Taipei Cycle Show Changes to End October Dates in 2018

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TAICHUNG, Taiwan – It’s now official. What is widely rumoured here at Taichung Bike Week is now a fact. The 2018 Taipei International Cycle Show will take place from October 31 to November 3, 2018.

Taipei Cycle Show Changes to End October Dates in 2018
Peter Wang (left), CEO of Taipei Cycle show organizer TAITRA and Tony Lo, Giant CEO and TBA Chairman announced today the changed dates for Taipei Cycle 2018. - Photo Bike Europe

The changed dates for Taipei Cycle 2018 has been announced this afternoon by Peter Wang, CEO of show organizer Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) and Tony Lo, Giant CEO and Chairman of the Taiwan Bicycle Association (TBA).

Last September survey

The timing of Taipei Cycle has been a matter of discussion for years. This resulted last September in a survey that was mailed by show organizer TAITRA to Taipei Cycle exhibitors as well as business relations.

The main question of the survey was whether to move the show to October or stay in March. It is said that over 60% over the survey respondents voted for a move to October.

Competition with Taichung Bike Week

The move to October 31 – November 3, 2018 brings Taipei Cycle in competition with Taichung Bike Week. And to some extent also with Eurobike organizer Messe Friedrichshafen as they announced last April, “To take up an active role in Taichung Bike Week.”

‘Not about replacement of Taichung Bike Week’

On question by Bike Europe on that competition with Taichung Bike Week at this afternoon’s Taipei Cycle press conference Tony Lo said, “The move of Taipei Cycle to end of October in 2018 is not about a replacement of Taichung Bike Week. It’s for the companies to decide what they want. But one has to consider that Taichung Bike Week is not an international show. It’s more like a series of workshops.”

Regaining OEM ordering show status?

On the question whether the changed dates for Taipei Cycle 2018 is focused on regaining the exhibition’s function as an OEM ordering show Tony Lo answered, “That is partly true. However, the date change in 2018 is foremost focused on elevating the function of the show to be the trendsetter and innovation indicator of the cycling world. We regard the Taiwan bicycle industry to be powerful enough to do just that.”

Taipei Cycles’ new slogan launched today that says, “A new Worldview On Cycling,” already points to the intended function of the bicycle and e-bike exhibition in Taiwan’s Capital.

Next year’s Taipei International Cycle Show takes place at its regular dates in March; from 22 to 25 March, 2017.


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