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Interbike Following Eurobike in Show Dates Move?

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SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, USA – The Taipei Cycle Show was the first to react on Eurobike’s announcement to shift its 2018 show dates. Since then all eyes are on Interbike, the world’s third-largest trade show. How will the US show organizer react? The Interbike team is currently investigating the timing but also the show’s future location via a web survey.

Interbike Following Eurobike in Show Dates Move?
Interbike is investigating timing as well as its future location via web survey. – Photo Jo Beckendorff

“We launched a fact-gathering study of our customers to learn more about how we can improve our offering”, explains Interbike vice president Pat Hus, “specifically, we have heard interest from participants to explore moving Interbike to the June/July timeframe. In addition, we understand that some participants have grown tired of the Las Vegas location, so we are also exploring if there is a broader interest in a new location.” The discussion on staying in Las Vegas or to move is not new and pops up every few years.

Product introduction

According to Hus, “a move to earlier dates would also change the purpose of Interbike from an end-of-cycle marketing event to more of a product introduction event.” When organizing Interbike in June or July, the event would certainly have a better fit with next model-year introductions of leading brands in the US market like Trek, Specialized and Giant.

Preferences, thoughts and opinions

Pat Hus also added that, “the results of the web survey will be used to gain a better understanding of our customer’s preferences, thoughts and opinions of Interbike. Therefore the survey, sent out to exhibitors, attendees and independent representatives, is a useful campaign.”

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