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Specialized Switches Back to Dealer Events in September

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MORGAN HILL/CA., USA – What has put severe pressure on the US retail sector contributing to troublesome 2016 sales is now being reversed by Specialized. The ever earlier introduction of new ModelYear bikes to the selling season’s peak, also causing shows like Eurobike and Taipei Cycle to reschedule, will change this year. Introduction of ModelYear 2018 Specialized bikes is not taking place beginning July but this September.

Specialized Switches Back to Dealer Events in September
Specialized says in letter to its dealers ‘The early retailer event race does not align with your needs at retail.’ - Photo Jo Beckendorff

Specialized was one of the first to present its new range much earlier in the year which encouraged others to do the same. It also had its effects in Europe and on the supply chain timing globally resulting for instance in an early October timing of Taichung Bike Week.

‘Timing is everything’

Whether the back to September timing of Specialized is again changing everything is too early to tell. However, in a sector where everybody is closely eying everybody it will surely have it effects as “Timing is everything”. Under this headline Specialized has sent out a letter to its US retailers announcing to shift its dealer events for the ModelYear 2018 launch from July to September. Rechecked with Specialized in Europe this decision will be realized globally.

USA retailers’ needs

Specialized USA Jeff McGuane signed the letter to the US dealership. According to him it’s time, “To align our brand with your commercial needs in order to achieve success in model year 2018. We have heard your feedback loud and clear and agree that the early retailer event race does not align with your needs at retail. In order to meet rider expectations, deliver a timely product spectrum, as well as reduce your time away from your stores during the busy month of July, we have decided to make a change. We have decided to move the model year 18 retailer event to September 2017.”

Pulling out of Eurobike

Specialized was not the first of the bigger US brands that pulled out of Eurobike. This was Trek in 2012 followed by the Big S in 2014. In its letter to dealers nothing is mentioned on shows like Eurobike, Interbike or Taipei Cycle and their switch to earlier dates.

Rechecked with Specialized-Europe’s marketing manager Sebastian Maag he simply says, ”The strategy to move our dealer events to September will be realized globally. Exact dates, locations etc. are not fixed yet.”

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