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Trek Europe Will Not Follow US Dealer Show Schedule

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HARDERWIJK, the Netherlands – In Europe Trek will continue to organize its dealer shows in the same time window as before; contrary to the Trek World event in the USA. Last week Trek announced to move its Trek World event from August to late October.

Trek Europe Will Not Follow US Dealer Show Schedule
Is Trek’s and Specialized’s new show strategy again turning upside down the international show schedule? – Photo Bike Europe

“Despite moving the show in the United States, we will continue to organize European Trek World events between July and September 2017, depending on local market conditions,” says Trek spokesman Eric Bjorling. “The factors that led us to change the date in the US are different abroad, and do not compel us to move the show date to a later date than previous years.”

Busy sale season

In a letter to its US retailers Trek explains that, “The busy sale season in July was the main reason to reschedule the event to late October.” Trek’s announcement comes only two weeks after Specialized informed its dealer to move the presentation of the MY2018 range from July to September. In a letter to its US dealers Specialized explained the reason to change the schedule as, “To align our brand with your commercial needs in order to achieve success in model year 2018.”

Introduction throughout year

Trek also mentioned in the letter that, “Once Trek World served as a launching platform. Today we launch bikes and accessories throughout the calendar year,” which means for Trek the dealer show no longer serves as a sales and planning event. “The focus of the event will be on improving and growing your business,” as Trek writes in its letter to the retailers.

International trade show calendar

The new trend to change to dealer show dates from summer to autumn now initiated by the two American brands, might affect the international trade show calendar as well. Only recently both Eurobike and Taipei Cycle decided to reschedule due to the ever earlier introduction of new ModelYear bikes. Trek’s and Specialized’s new show strategy might turn the show schedule upside down again.

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