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Adidas at World Cycling Forum on Winning Consumers with SPEED

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PORTO, Portugal – One of the keynote speakers of the World Cycling Forum, taking place June 7 and 8 in Porto, is Franck Denglos. As Vice President of SPEED strategy at adidas, he has the responsibility of transforming the company’s end to end business model through product creation, sourcing, supply chain and sales, to ensure maximal SPEED to market. His presentation at the World Cycling Forum digs deep into “winning consumers with SPEED”.

Adidas at World Cycling Forum on Winning Consumers with SPEED
One of the World Cycling Forum keynote speakers is Franck Denglos. He is a Vice President at adidas, in charge of SPEED. – Photo Adidas

The World Cycling Forum is organized by the World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI) and Bike Europe. This Conference puts the cycling industry’s near future into perspective. That future will be dominated by online ordering consumers. What changes this brings to the sector will be described by a series of expert speakers. They will narrow down that future perspective with detailed presentations on distribution strategies, on supply chain changes, on outsourcing and many others.

Franck Denglos’ presentation at the World Cycling Forum is related to his goal. This is to make adidas the first true fast sport company and ensure consumers get products whenever and wherever they want them. He has held various senior positions in Marketing, Retail and Sales at adidas in France, EMEA and Global adidas Headquarters.  In his previous position he was Global VP for adidas Wholesale. He is also a passionate mountain biker.

Adidas Presentation abstract

Here is an abstract of Franck Denglos’ presentation at the World Cycling Forum: “The main reason consumers become a brand detractor is because they can’t find their product in their size. Still today, our industry mostly plans upfront how many products will be sold and has a limited capacity to react to consumer demand in season. This can lead to a lack of best-seller products and overstock of low sellers. At adidas, we’re changing the game with SPEED. Our goal is to win consumers with products that are fresh and desirable, available when and where they want them, with an unrivalled brand experience. SPEED articles are either enabled through a fast creation process, a fast or reactive supply chain and most of the time it’s both.

About Speed

“In this presentation, you will understand the business proposition behind SPEED which is built around three programs: Planned Responsiveness (PR), Never Out of Stock (NOOS) and In-Season Creation (ISC). You will see how we transform our end-to-end value chain in order to accelerate our SPEED to market, our reactivity and our availability. As a result, we transform how we design, create, source, transport, sell-in and trade.

“At the extreme end of that transformation, you will get an overview of SPEEDFACTORY and how it’s revolutionizing sport manufacturing by bringing high-performance product ever closer to the consumer, and on demand.”

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