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CosmoBike Tech Awards Open for Industry Innovations

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VERONA, Italy – Technology, innovation and lifestyle: bicycles have a special charm and the CosmoBike show wants to award companies standing out for these reasons in the cycling sector. Following last year’s success, show organizer VeronaFiere has announced the third edition of this competition.

CosmoBike Tech Awards Open for Industry Innovations
No less than nine categories at the CosmoBike Tech Awards. - Photo Bike Europe

The International Bicycle Show CosmoBike is scheduled from September 15 – 18 at the VeronaFiere in Verona, Italy. In line with market trends and directions, the jury will award these nine categories.

These categories are:

  • Green product of the year: the commitment to using recycled and eco-friendly materials, the product life cycle from production to disposal and the environmental impact of the product itself will all be assessed.
  • Design quality: based on assessments of features such as ergonomics, aesthetics, functionality and creativity.
  • Innovation: taking production processes, originality of materials and applications into account.
  • Technical product: assessed in relation to performance, efficiency, functionality, research and development.
  • Best packaging and consumer presentation: evaluation of aesthetics, the impact of communication and marketing analysis.

Special jury award

In the evolving market welcoming a growing numbers of practitioners of all ages, the following awards will also be selected:

  • Best product for women
  • Best product for children
  • Best bike friendly service: that is, all those services that seek to expand urban and suburban cycling, simplifying the lives of cyclists and improving liveability.

The jury reserves the right to assign the ‘Special jury award’ to a product which is particularly distinguishing in the market.

Applications are open now and for online registration, go here.

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