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Gates Appearing with Taioku and Mobia Bikes at China Show

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SHANGHAI, China – Gates is appearing at this year’s China Cycle in partnership with the innovative brand Mobia Bikes and premium bike assembler Taioku to promote Taioku’s expertise in assembling belt drive bicycles.

Gates Appearing with Taioku and Mobia Bikes at China Show
China’s new bike share brand Mobia Bikes chose Taioku for producing its bikes with Gates belts. – Photo Mobia

The goal of the partnership and appearance in Shanghai is to highlight Gates Corporation’s efforts to work closely with Asian assembly factories and to promote best practices for producing high-quality belt drive bicycles.

Best practices

“Assembling a belt drive bicycle or belt driven e-bike requires a higher level of expertise,” says Todd Sellden, director of Gates Carbon Drive Systems. “Belt drives have specific tension requirements, and to set tension in an accurate, repeatable and efficient manner for high volume production requires process development. This is why we work closely with factories such as Taioku to develop and implement best practices. Taioku has been particularly innovative. They are a standout.”

Premium bike share bicycles

While some Asian assemblers are growing by churning out high volume bikes to meet the booming demand from bike share schemes in China, Taioku is taking a more measured approach to growth by focusing on quality over quantity. This focus on high production standards and attention to detail is why new bike share brand Mobia Bikes chose Taioku. Mobia Bikes produces premium bike share bicycles using Gates belts for the corporate campus, commercial duty rental fleet and urban bike share marketplace.

Assembly partner

“We carefully selected Taioku for our assembly because their process is traceable, certified, and transparent. They have done an excellent job creating their own proprietary tools and processes to serve the belt drive bike marketplace,” says Todd Hoffman, executive director of Mobia Bikes. “I’ve been involved with the Gates belt drive since the start, 10 years ago, and know the benefits of the drive system and manufacturing requirements.  It’s a pleasure to work with Taioku and share our knowledge about our uniquely built belt drive bicycles, helping them become experts.”

Specialists in producing premium bikes

“Taioku is pleased to work with Gates because they have helped us develop an expertise with their product that has enabled us to attract new business from premium bicycle brands that are seeking a higher quality production process,” says Kevin Hsu, general manager of Taioku China. “Gates representatives worked closely with our factory assembly team to help us implement best practices that align with our company philosophy. This has allowed us to become specialists in producing premium bikes and electric bikes using Gates Carbon Drive, and we look forward to growing our belt drive business as the market for Gates equipped bikes continues to grow—both here in Asia, Europe and North America.”

Taioku’s China facility

Taioku was founded in 1987 with a factory in Taiwan, but has since opened a large facility near Shanghai to meet the growing demand for its services. Gates engineers and technical specialists from Mobia Bikes have worked closely with Taioku to train their workforce on proper installation techniques and best practices when using Gates belts.

Hsu adds: “Thanks to our work with Gates and Mobia Bikes, we now have other bike brands that have chosen Taioku to assemble their bikes. We look forward to meeting with more bike brands at the China Bicycle show to discuss our expertise in working with Gates drives, and to show off the high-quality work we do in producing the Mobia bikes.”

Gates and Mobia have representatives in the Taioku booth (C0122) at China Cycle. Gates Carbon Drive is present in the booth of its Shanghai distributor (C1022).

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