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Omni-Channel Strategies Presented at Bike Europe Conference 

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FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – At the Bike Europe Conference on Omni-Channel strategies of a variety of bike companies will be scrutinized and explained. Next to distribution also new pricing and (distributor – dealer) margins policies will be clarified. The Bike Europe Conference also digs deep into similar developments that have taken place in other sectors. It takes place on Tuesday 29 August, one day before Eurobike 2017 starts.

Omni-Channel Strategies Presented at Bike Europe Conference 
Facing the challenges of omni-channel is the main theme of the Bike Europe Conference at Eurobike 2017. – Photo Peter Hummel

The main theme of the Conference is: “Facing the Challenges of Omni-Channel”. This has everything to do with current growth of online sales. It is triggering a focus shift – from dealers to consumers. New business models are needed to survive this retail evolution. Omni-Channel is one approach now being considered, or cautiously applied, by many.

What comes with Omni-Channel?

With switching to Omni-Channel many questions arise. Like what factors are influencing this new distribution strategy? Or, how Omni-Channel can best be implemented, while still providing a significant role to the current retailers network? And when Omni-Channel is applied, is drop-shipping the ultimate answer for now and lead-generation for tomorrow? What also has to be considered is what the supply chain, manufacturing and shipping consequences are of consumer direct purchasing programs?

Conference Headlines

Such questions will be addressed at the Bike Europe Conference on Omni-Channel. Here are the Conference headlines:

– Omni-Channel and todays and tomorrow role of retail

– What consumer-direct brings to manufacturing; reshoring & robotisation

– Built-to-order; logistics and servicing aspects

– Omni-Channel and pricing policies

– Collaborative Planning; data sharing

Participation Fee

The Bike Europe Omni-Channel Conference is targeting all (trade) visitors of Eurobike. The Conference is held at rooms Berlin and Paris at Conference Center East and starts on 29 August at 13.00 and ends at 17.00. Next to a series of keynote speakers the Agenda includes

Questions & Answer sessions. After the closing of the Conference drinks and finger-foods will be served for offering networking opportunities.

The participants fee is set at €195. However, currently there’s discount being applied for early bookings. Registering before 1 July  2017 results in a participants fee of only €165. For paying Bike Europe subscribers to the magazine the participants fee is set at €145.

For more information and for registration details:

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