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New Trade Show Bike2Business to Open Up Danish Market

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COPENHAGEN, Denmark – After Nord Fair closed the CKM in Vejle, the Danish bike industry has been frustrated as the country’s only trade show would disappear. CKM has had an importance for smaller wholesalers in particular, despite a decrease in visitors and fewer exhibitors. The Copenhagen Bike Show initiator is therefore now launching the Danish Bike2Business trade show.

New Trade Show Bike2Business to Open Up Danish Market
The Copenhagen Bike Show initiator is now launching the Danish Bike2Business trade show. – Photo Copenhagen Bike Show

“The Veijle show was the main opportunity for wholesales to exhibit their product portfolio to the retailers,” explains Christian Ritter who will organize the Bike2Business event. “With this new event we want to create the framework for the development of the Danish bicycle industry and connect domestic and foreign exhibitors with Danish retailers. Bike2Business will focus on exhibiting products of high quality, high earnings and in part limited availability to offer retailers a competitive edge.”

Copenhagen Bike Show

Christian Ritter will organize Bike2Business just like he developed the Copenhagen Bike Show into Scandinavia’s Biggest Bike Show for consumers. This event attracts more than 15,000 visitors and over 100 exhibitors every year.

“We see that foreign exhibitors are looking for an entrance to the Danish market and hence there is a shortage of a trade fair opportunities to connect wholesalers and retailers. This is clearly my experience from Copenhagen Bike Show. Thus, I feel comfortable with organizing a trade show like Bike2Business”, says Christian Ritter. “Several small Danish wholesalers have contacted me because the only Danish trade fair closed down and they appreciate a new solution like Bike2Business.”

A Part of CPH Bike Week

The Bike2Business trade show is part of CPH Bike Week, which Tino Thorsøe and Copenhagen Event Company organize – apart from Christian Ritter. For several years, Copenhagen Event Company has organized the unique Danish Bike Award show as a tribute to the best Danish bike riders, clubs and volunteers.

The CPH Bike Week will change location to the same venue as the Bike2Business days and will take place on Friday October 6, 2017.

The Bike2Business in Copenhagen will take place in the Northern port of Copenhagen in the former salt warehouse Docken. Apart from a direct view to the Øresund strait Docken offers a floor area of 2,600 square metres. The opening days of Bike2Business 2017 will be October 3‐4, 2017.

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