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E-Bike Rules & Regulations Information Meeting at Eurobike

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FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – E-bikes in Europe are subject to a lot of complicated rules: type-approval, CE-standards, the Machinery Directive, helmet obligation, insurance, traffic code etcetera. If you are manufacturing, importing or selling e-bikes, you may well be lost in this maze of rules. The Bike Europe & LEVA-EU Information Meeting at Eurobike provides answers to all your questions.

E-Bike Rules & Regulations Information Meeting at Eurobike
Information meeting is foremost organized for answering questions on electric bike rules in EU. – Photo Bike Europe

Bike Europe and the European branch of the Light Electric Vehicle Association have teamed up for organizing this information meeting. It takes place on Thursday 31st August at Eurobike. Bike Europe Editor-in-Chief Jack Oortwijn will be the moderator of this lunch meeting, which takes place from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. in Room Rome, Conference Center East. There will be sandwiches, hot and cold drinks available..

Organized for answering questions on the e-bike

The Information Meeting will not feature lengthy presentations by keynote speakers but is foremost organized for answering questions on electric bike rules in the EU. Questions like: should your electric mountain bikes be type-approved? Can you produce electric cargo bikes with more than 250W? Do speed pedelec riders have to wear a moped helmet in the countries where you are active? Do they have to have insurance and a number plate for their speed pedelecs?

To ensure that your questions are answered at this meeting, send them in beforehand, by email to

Factor 4 requirement for speed pedelecs

Some time soon the European Commission will be reviewing the factor 4 requirement for speed pedelecs in the type-approval. This is the requirement which stipulates that the power of speed pedelecs should be no more than 4 times the power which the cyclist puts into the bike him/herself. In anticipation of the Commission’s review and for his PhD-thesis at the University of Leuven, Belgium, Bram Rotthier has done scientific research into factor 4. At this meeting, he will present a summary.

Join us

So, unless you think you know everything about related EU rules and legislation, participating in this information meeting is a must for anybody working in the electric bike business.

The participation fee is € 100 (incl. VAT). Participants who have a subscription to Bike Europe pay € 50.

Join us for this meeting over a sandwich and a coffee. To make sure that there is enough to eat and drink for everybody, please register.

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