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Final Call for Omni-Channel Conference Participation

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DOETINCHEM, the Netherlands – This is the final call for industry peers that want to take part in the Bike Europe Conference on omni-channel. This Conference takes place on August 29 at Eurobike. There’s a huge interest for this Conference that digs deep in the challenges that come with the switch to omni-channel, but there are still seats left.

Final Call for Omni-Channel Conference Participation
Registration for taking part in Bike Europe Conference comes on first come, first serve basis. – Photo Peter Hummel

The Conference on omni-channel is organized by this trade journal. It takes place at rooms Berlin and Paris (combined into one big accommodation) of the Messe Friedrichshafen/Eurobike Conference Center East. Registration for one of the seats left comes on a first come, first serve basis. The Bike Europe omni-channel Conference entrance fee stands at € 195. For paying Bike Europe subscribers to the printed and online magazine the participants fee is set at € 145.

Omni-channel challenges

That there’s a vast interest for the Bike Europe Conference is because it is the first conference that addresses the challenges that come with the inevitable switch to omni-channel distribution. This switch is triggered by the current rapid growth of online sales. How this impacts the future of shopping is a topic addressed by one of the Conference keynote speakers.

Global retail market space

Speaker Jorij Abraham will kick off the Bike Europe Conference as his presentation on how consumers will shop in 2020 and beyond presents the outline for all new business models. The future of shopping is the central question of a continuous research program in which more than 1,000 retail experts work together. Professor Abraham will present the highlights of this study taking into account changing consumer behavior, new technological developments and the rise of the global marketplaces. His presentation will be concluded with concrete strategic alternatives for retailers to re-position themselves for the global retail market space.

Current omni-channel initiatives

The second speaker at the Bike Europe Conference will scrutinize and explain the omni-channel strategies of a variety of bike companies. Next to distribution also new pricing and (distributor – dealer) margins policies will be clarified. Bike Europe editor-in-chief Jack Oortwijn will offer a helicopter view on the current omni-channel related happenings in the cycling sectors of Europe and North America. He will also touch on other aspects that come with omni-channel; like what the supply chain, manufacturing and shipping consequences are of consumer direct purchasing programs.

Bike Exchange marketplace

What omni-channel brings to online retailing will be explained by one of the Conference Partners; Bike Exchange. This is an online platform/marketplace for buying or selling bicycles, e-bikes as well as P&A. Bike Exchange brings together brands/suppliers, dealers and consumers by creating online communities in various countries.

bike sppot platform

Another platform to be introduced and explained at the Bike Europe Conference is bike sppot. This is a one stop shop where all bike and sporting goods producers can benefit from the compatibility of different surface treatment technologies. Yavor Peshev who has been working in the powder coating industry more than 15 years, will explain the speed and efficiency benefits the bike sppot platform brings for the supply chain of OEMs.

Dealing with what comes with omni-channel

The Conference final keynote speaker will explain that brands must adopt effective strategies to deal with pricing transparency; channel alignment (offline and online), people and culture issues as well as operational process implications that come with omni-channel. Matthijs Rosman (MBA) will address these topics. He is partner at RevelX consultancy and has two decades of experience at the intersection of marketing, sales and service.

Still possible to participate

The Bike Europe omni-channel Conference starts on August 29 at 13.00 and ends at 17.00. Next to the 5 keynote speakers the agenda also includes Q&A sessions and interviews. After the closing of the Conference drinks and finger-foods will be served for offering networking opportunities.

Here’s more information and for registration details:

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