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‘Newcomers at Eurobike Are Important Market Impulse’

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FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – When Eurobike opens its doors tomorrow morning at 9.00 a.m. the international trade show will welcome some 1,400 exhibitors, the largest number ever. Among them are 100 companies who will celebrate their Eurobike presence for the first time.

‘Newcomers at Eurobike Are Important Market Impulse’
Rondo, Dirtley, Linka and Ryders are among the 100 companies who will exhibit for the first time ate Eurobike, - Photo Bike Europe

“New market players are more than just an interesting and enriching asset for the bike industry,” says Eurobike show manager Stefan Reisinger. “These companies often bring important new momentum and fresh perspectives to the market like Bosch and Brose did in past years. Therefore we are pleased to welcome so many new names to the exhibitors list this year.”

Rondo takes gravel trend to the market

Polish Rondo is one of the new names on the list. The company is successfully taking the gravel trend to the market, not only with visually appealing models, but also through technically interesting solutions. An example is the variable geometry that enables bikes to be transformed from a gravel bike into a lively cross bike very easily. At the Eurobike, Rondo bikes can be found at the booth of their German distributor, Nut (B4-200).

Dirtley’s dirtsuit

Another young company is German Dirtlej OHG, which initially focused on modular solutions for protecting high-end bikes during shipment. Today the company also produces protective cycling wear. Their business ranges between protection from dirt, wind and weather. Dirtlej’s ‘dirtsuits’ combine a short rain pants and a jacket in one piece for mountain bikers and hikers that can be folded compactly. Dirtlej booth number is FK-AK/5.

Linka smartphone lock

Californian Linka will premiere its new smartphone operated lock Linka. The traditional key is no longer needed as the attractively designed lock is opened using a smartphone app that communicates with the lock via Bluetooth. Linka can be found at booth A3-601.

The North American eyewear provider Ryders will make its debut at Eurobike will a full range of eye wear product. The brand founded by mountain biker Brent Martin in 1986 now belongs to the Essilor group, the world leader in the eyewear market with about 30 percent market share. Not least because of this, the Canadian company has access to innovative technologies in the eyewear segment, like lenses with especially high optical qualities.

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