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Next to Challenges Eurobike to Show Unprecedented Dynamism

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DOETINCHEM, The Netherlands – What will Eurobike 2017 bring? What are the new realities? Next to e-MTBs as well as ‘connected’ bikes also online sales has grown big. This is triggering the sector to switch to omni-channel distribution strategies which poses big challenges. But they come at a time of unprecedented dynamism as e-bikes and Internet offer huge opportunities.

Next to Challenges Eurobike to Show Unprecedented Dynamism
Switch to omni-channel poses big challenges. But they come at a time of unprecedented dynamism. – Photo Bike Europe

Already last year’s Eurobike signaled the first schemes for the switch to omni-channel. The past year they have turned into concrete changes taken up by not the smallest companies and brands. Virtual shopping carts are popping up at more and more websites of renowned brands. This will undoubtedly spark discussions on the show floor among dealers and exhibitors. These discussions are likely to be fueled by the Conference on “Facing the Challenges of Omni-Channel” organized by this trade journal. It takes place tomorrow, August 29 at Room Berlin in Conference Center East. In case you like to join; registration can take place at the Conference that starts at 13:00.

Outlook for 2nd half of the year

When talking about sales and money it’s clear that the outlook for 2nd half of the year is a bright one. In particular as the e-MTB is on the march; not only in Germany where this e-bike category is already selling in formidable numbers. Also in countries that are used to Mountainbikes e-MTB sales will undoubtedly reach new highs. Like in Italy where e-bike sales doubled in 2016. Or in Spain which is an e-bike underdeveloped country. What helps is that like in the whole of the European Union, also in these countries the economy is again on the move. And in the right direction.

Unprecedented dynamism

What Eurobike 2017 will also clearly indicate s that the current bike market is showing an unprecedented dynamism. Whether this is caused by the rise of e-bike significance which leads to more R&D money being spent is the question. Fact is that technical possibilities are being converted into worthwhile features.

Reviving regular bikes

But what is also becoming more apparent is that rise of e-bikes also has a downside. Whether it is caused by the fact that electric bicycles are more expensive or that all R&D money is being poured in this category is hard to tell. But fact that the rise of the e-bikes affects the sale of regular bikes. Less regular bikes are being sold. This leaves its mark; not only at OEM makers but for all at parts makers. Reviving the regular categories of City, Trekking and MTB’s should be aimed at by many. Will Eurobike 2017 show the first signs of such a revival?

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