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Omni-Channel; Why, What and Who Explained at Bike Europe Conference

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FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – The switch to omni-channel is inevitable. And this switch is currently taking place on such a level that it is no longer the question if the websites of all major brands will feature virtual shopping carts for online sales but when they will. Facing the challenges of omni-channel is the main theme of the Bike Europe Conference that takes place 29 August; one day before Eurobike starts.

Omni-Channel; Why, What and Who Explained at Bike Europe Conference
At Bike Europe Conference experts will put current omni-channel initiatives into perspective. – Photo Bike Europe

A series of experts will put the current omni-channel initiatives into perspective and help explain what this switch to a new distribution model entails and brings to the bike sector.

The Bike Europe Conference on omni-channel will provide insight to:

  • The future of shopping
  • Online buying now and in the near future
  • Expected growth of market places like BikeExchange;
  • What omni-channel brings to (online) retailing; by BikeExchange
  • Current disruptions caused by online players
  • Who is doing what on omni-channel
  • Switching to omni-channel; dealer reactions
  • Future role of retailers
  • Forward integration and omni-channel
  • What omni-channel brings to manufacturing; by bike spot, the complete solution provider
  • Opportunities of omni-channel
  • Brands must adopt effective strategies to deal with pricing transparency

Q&A sessions and agenda

The Bike Europe Conference on omni-channel starts on August 29 at 13.00 and ends at 17.00. It takes place at Messe Friedrichshafen (Rooms Berlin and Paris, Conference Center East). Next to keynote speakers the agenda also includes Q&A sessions. After the closing of the Conference drinks and finger-foods will be served for offering networking opportunities.

The participants fee is set at € 195. For paying Bike Europe subscribers to the printed and online magazine the participants fee is set at € 145.

For more information and registration details.

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