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CosmoBike’s Visitor Numbers Stabilize

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VERONA, Italy – The third edition of the Italian industry show CosmoBike had a slow start last Friday September 15th but really took off the next Saturday morning with bustling corridors and waiting lines at the test area. However CosmoBike is facing strong competition of a growing number of brand events for dealers.

CosmoBike’s Visitor Numbers Stabilize
CosmoBike is the showcase for the Italian bicycle industry attracting about 60,000 visitors. – Photo Bike Europe

CosmoBike show 2017 confirmed its position as an cycling experience event presenting the best of Italy’s bicycle industry. Just like last year some 60,000 visitors came to Verona’s CosmoBike between September 15 and 18 to see the latest bike news for themselves. The big names, like De Rosa, Campagnolo, Colnago and Cipollini all came down to Verona to show their 2018 models. CosmoBike reports a total of 350 exhibitors from 25 countries.

Trade show or brand event?

Despite the named iconic Italian brands other renowned ones weren’t there, just like at many other trade shows throughout Europe. “We are big enough to consider organizing our own dealer event in 2018,” said Atala marketing manager Francesca Ghezzi, in line with the trend of a growing number of brands inviting their dealers to come to their individual presentation. Others suggested that the e-bike industry in particular needs its own platform on an international level. Driven by a strong growth of the Italian e-bike market Milan is named as the location and ANCMA, the Italian industry association, as the organizing body for this international e-bike show.

Ongoing e-bike boom

When asked ANCMA’s director Piero Nigrelli confirmed the ongoing growth of the e-bike sales in Italy. “In 2016 we reported an increase in volume of 120%. Although the growth won’t be that high, it is still substantially between 50-60%. At the same time we see a slow but steady decline in the sales volume of regular bike, just like in other European countries facing an e-bike boom.”

Future of the show concept

CosmoBike Show manager Paulo Coin confirmed the trend of less brands presenting themselves at trade shows. “This international development is indeed hampering the growth of CosmoBike. Nevertheless I am convinced of the show’s concept, especially to reach the consumer. Bicycle shops nor internet can never give you the experience like we provide people here at the venue, with products presentations and test tracks.”

Explaining his ideas on the 2018 edition of CosmoBike Paulo Coin said “I was very happy to see Verona city officials at the official opening of the show this year. Verona as a brand name is very strong internationally and I expect to work more closely together with the city’s officials next year for organizing events on urban cycling.”

More on the CosmoBike show 2017 is in the October print and online edition of Bike Europe.

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