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More Car Companies Stepping Into E-Bike Business

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FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – Lots of new e-bike drive train suppliers debuted at this year’s Friedrichshafen show. In particular, what is striking is that they keep coming from the automotive Industry. More companies are following the examples set by Bosch, Continental, and Brose. 

More Car Companies Stepping Into E-Bike Business
Bafang’s E-Riding Machine; complete drive unit with single rear wheel mount technology bringing easy-to-install features for OEM’s. – Photos Bike Europe

Among the new names from the automotive sector are Marquardt, Oechsler, and Amprio (from Rheinmetal Group). They are all offering e-bike mid-motor drive systems that have specific USP’s.

Individuality, ‘Drivematic’ and compact

Marquardt offers a modular system for bringing individuality and diversity into e-bikes. Oechsler offers its Drivematic which is a “three-speed automatic powertrain with integrated RFID and Bluetooth for connecting to smartphones and other devices.” Amprio has its Micro E-Drive system, which the company claims it to be 40% smaller compared to existing mid-motors.

Prototype or market ready?

Apart from Marqaurdt which has a ready to be delivered drive system, Oechsler and Amprio have yet to start. Amprio is in the prototype phase aiming at market entry by 2020; Oechsler wants to start production (depending on order levels) in March 2018.

Next trend in e-bikes: invisible motors

Micro Drives like from Amprio are looking to be the next trend in e-bikes. It’s rumoured that a number of drive system makers are working on it, while Japan’s Nidec Corp presented the ‘Invisible’ Nidec mid-motor that can be integrated in the down-tube of e-Road models for instance. Small also comes with low weight, as the Nidec motor only weighs 2.5 kg.

Bigger motors & batteries

Bigger motors with more features are also around. Like the F8.18 from BrakeForceOne & Neox that couples a mid-motor with a 8-speed gearbox. The systems weighs 5.9kg.
Bigger comes also into play with regard to e-bike batteries. Especially battery capacity. The newest pinnacle here was presented by BH with their new ‘Atom’ line-up of e-MTB’s. The top model comes with a 720Wh (!) battery made with the new 21700 cells.

Complete drive module

Another interesting motor development presented Bafang with its “E-Riding Machine”. This is a complete drive unit that integrates a 250W mid-motor, controller, sensors, shaft-drive, GPS and Bluetooth. It also offers single rear wheel mount technology. With this feature Bafang’s E-Riding Machine is bringing easy-to-install features for OEM’s.


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