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Taipei Cycle Forum on Future of Taiwan’s Bicycle & E-Bike Industry

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TAIPEI, Taiwan – The Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) in cooperation with Bike Europe are organising the “Taipei Cycle Forum 2018”. The theme of this international conference for the cycling industry’ top management is: Taiwan Bike Industry in Transition. Part of the Taipei Cycle Forum is also a bike festival that will take place on the 2nd day of the event.

Taipei Cycle Forum on Future of Taiwan’s Bicycle & E-Bike Industry
Theme of Taipei Cycle Forum 2018 is: Taiwan Bike Industry in Transition. – Photo TAITRA

The Taipei Cycle Forum takes place on Friday 23 and Saturday 24 March, 2018 in Taichung, Taiwan. During the first day of the event the international Conference will take place. The second day’s bike festival is aimed at acquainting the Taiwanese public with e-bikes.

Taiwan Bike industry in transition

The Taipei Cycle Forum 2018 is focused on strengthening Taiwan’s bicycle and e-bike industry by presenting a (near) future vision. This vision will clarify the current focus shift taking place in Taiwan’s main markets, Europe and North America. This shift is from dealers to consumers. It’s triggered by rapidly growing online sales of bicycles, and e-bikes, as well as parts and accessories. This brings profound consequences for Taiwan’s industry. At the Taipei Cycle Forum 2018 a series of expert speakers will put these consequences into perspective. In particular these keynote speakers will provide hands-on advice regarding how Taiwan companies can handle their transition towards new, more online focused, business models for catering to the changed needs of OEMs, distributors, and consumers in the EU and the US as well as in Asia.

The event

The Taipei Cycle Forum 2018 is a 2-day event taking place on Friday 23 March and Saturday 24 March in Taichung, Taiwan. The venue is Fullon Hotel Lihpao Land.

The first day of the Taipei Cycle Forum 2018 is an international Conference targeting the top managers of the bicycle and e-bike industry from Asia as well as Europe and North America. The Conference part of the Taipei Cycle Forum 2018 addresses the profound consequences of the current ecommerce trend. This trend forces major strategy changes in the main markets of Taiwan’s cycling industry. Omni-channel distribution is now being applied by various key players in the US and the EU. This leads to consumers that order products online, which they want delivered in hours rather than in weeks. It results in a need for speed which puts pressure on the supply chain of the bicycle industry that has a major production base in Asia. Next to bringing down leadtimes also more supply chain flexibility is required. This leads to many questions like how the Taiwan industry is to adapt to the consequences of the ecommerce and new retail trends?

The answers to these big questions can be found at the Taipei Cycle Forum 2018, where an interactive format, as well as a series of events suited for networking, will promote an industry-level dialogue.

Taipei Cycle Forum Bike Festival

The second day of the Taipei Cycle Forum 2018 is a cycling event. It takes place on Saturday 24 March at the same location; Fullon Hotel Lihpao Land in Taichung. The Taipei Cycle Forum Bike Festival is not like any other event for cyclists with abundant numbers of road racers in lycra. It’s about the newest big thing in bicycles. It’s about e-bikes. These electric bikes are conquering Europe and North America as more and more people discover their comfort and usability as well as sportive qualities. Nowadays e-bikes come in many forms; even as electric Mountainbikes. Such e-MTBs are ready to be tested by the Taipei Cycle Forum visitors.
For more information and for registration to take part in the Taipei Cycle Forum 2018, go to:

Taipei Cycle Forum 2018: Themes & Headlines

Taipei Cycle Forum 2018 is a 2-day event, taking place on 23 and 24 March, 2018. The first day is about an international Conference. The second day is a cycling event which is focused on e-bikes.
The International Conference will address the following themes and headlines:

  • New forms of retailing: impact of rapid growth of ecommerce and online sales in EU and US on Taiwan’s bike industry
  • New forms of retailing: how Taiwan’s bike industry is to handle its transition towards ecommerce
  • New manufacturing: industry 4.0; smart factories enabling going consumer-direct
  • New technologies: to be presented at Taipei Cycle Show 2018
  • Electrification and IoT (Internet of Things) of bikes as well as parts & accessories
  • New technologies: using big data & how to become digitized company?


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