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Eurobike Launches New Styling

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FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – A new look and slogan are the main parts of Eurobike’s strategy to strengthening the show’s brand profile and to kick off the next stage of its development as the global bike platform.

Eurobike Launches New Styling
‘We want to go away from a bike parade and more towards a presentation of highlights,’ said show manager Stefan Reisinger at the launch of a new styling. – Photo Eurobike

For Eurobike show manager Stefan Reisinger, the new look represents the future of Eurobike. “We want to go away from a bike parade and more towards a presentation of highlights. In our opinion the global bike and e-mobility industry needs this annual meeting as a presentation of its performance, as inspiration and as a eureka experience for all relevant actors in the industry.”

“Just like those companies who are successfully anticipating on the bicycle and e-mobility megatrends we should not only merely react to the market, but rather shape it ourselves, with creativity, ideas, and passion. Eurobike is a dynamic brand that will continue to evolve in the future,” says Reisinger, adding that the bookings for the 27th edition of Eurobike are at a strong level. “Some 1,350 exhibitors are expected again between 8 and 10 July.”

Platform for trends and innovations

“Eurobike is a central meeting place and catalyst for market prospects,” explains Messe Friedrichshafen CEO Klaus Wellmann. “ It shows the bike industry, retailers, policymakers, media and consumers possible ways to shape markets and develop opportunities. Bike and mobility market development are occurring rapidly and we see Eurobike as the driving platform for trends, innovations and orientation. Our new slogan “Tomorrow starts here and now!” should express these market dynamics.

“We opted for reduced lines, modern colors, and a futuristic design for the new look of Eurobike combining a suggestion of reality with the notion of future technical innovations,” says Wellmann. Creative director Steven Cook and motion designer Daniel Lepik who worked closely together with the Eurobike Team, brought mechanical objects together in a surreal setting.

“We wanted to create a type of bike that represents the idea of Eurobike, as driver of the global bike industry. We cannot predict the future of mobility, but our new key visual delivers all innovative possibilities,” said Steven Cook.

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