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Taichung Bike Week Moves Dates Again

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TAICHUNG, Taiwan – It was one of the most discussed topics at last year’s Taichung Bike Week. What will be the best timing for the B2B event in 2018? Finally the new dates were published on the website: September 26–28, 2018.

Taichung Bike Week Moves Dates Again
2018 Taichung Bike Week is shortened to 3 days and held at end of September. – Photo Bike Europe

The new Taipei Cycle 2018 end of October show date was causing a lot of turmoil among the exhibitors in Taichung last year. And particularly, as visitor numbers lagged behind compared to previous years.

Attending both events

Initially the Taichung Bike Week was scheduled one week before the Taipei Cycle Show which is set for 31 October – 3 November. Last October it was still said that “The week before Taipei Cycle Show would make it more convenient for international visitors to go to both events.”

Discussing new date with Taiwan Bicycle Association

However in a press release published on the Taichung Bike Week website, the organization states that “After discussions between Taichung City government and the Taiwan Bicycle Association, and considering the opinions of companies in the industry, it was decided that the 2018 Taichung Bike Week would be shortened to 3 days and be held at the end of September.”

Whether these new dates will be successful remains doubtful as many international visitors will question the purpose of traveling to Taiwan twice in one month. The same goes for the exhibitors facing the costs of two shows on such a short term.

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