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Taipei Cycle Forum’s Agenda Includes Keynote Speakers from Siemens and Amazon

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TAIPEI, Taiwan – Next week’s Taipei Cycle Forum, taking place on March 23 and 24 in Taichung, Taiwan, features an impressive line-up of keynote speakers. It includes bicycle industry insiders as well as highly respected specialists from other industries. Like from Siemens and Amazon.

Taipei Cycle Forum’s Agenda Includes Keynote Speakers from Siemens and Amazon
Tino Hildebrand, Vice President of Siemens Taiwan will address Industry 4.0 production at Taipei Cycle Forum 2018. – Photo Siemens

The opening of the Taipei Cycle Forum 2018 will take place with a film highlighting  the ecommerce battle that reached the bike markets of North America and Europe.

Siemens on Industry 4.0

Rapidly growing online sales in these major markets, which are already for decades trading partners of the Taiwan industry, brings manufacturing consequences. They come with key factors like digitalization, data analysis and smart, automated Industry 4.0 production. This topic will be highlighted by Mr. Tino Hildebrand. He is the Vice President of Siemens Ltd., Taiwan.

Another keynote speaker comes from Amazon Business Taiwan. Its CEO Clare Lin will address the topic of new retail and e-commerce.

E-bike trend

Next to ecommerce another major topic of the 2018 Taipei Cycle Forum is the e-bike trend. The bicycle markets are getting electrified as e-bikes are on the march. But electric bikes have to comply to a variety of safety standards as well as type-approval regulations. How all these rules look like in the United States and in Europe are presented by two specialists: Larry Pizzi of Accell North America and People for Bikes as well as Eugène Moerkerk, representing the Confederation of the European Bicycle Industry (CONEBI).

Latest on e-bike dumping complaint

The Taipei Cycle Forum 2018 also includes the latest on the e-bike dumping complaint which has been lodged by the European Bicycle Manufacturers’ Association last September at the Europe Commission. Bike Europe’s chief editor will update the Forum’s participants and will also speak about the possible consequences for the Taiwan industry in case the EU decides to enforce an anti-dumping duty on e-bikes imported from China.

Taipei Cycle Forum 2018 will take place at Fullon Hotel – Liphao Land in Taichung, Taiwan. There are still seats left for participation. The full line-up of all the speakers and the complete agenda is available now. Also for registration:

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